Monday, 28 April 2014


For a while I've been after some pastel, neutral nail polishes to go with some of my Spring outfits, something a little less vivid than my usual hot red or pink shades. A friend today had a beautiful shade of slate grey gel polish on and so I figured I'd try some out myself. I opted for Barry M as I'm a fan of their normal polishes, they seem to be longer lasting than most. The two colours are Rose Hip (right) and Lychee (left), both reminded me of Diner chocolate and strawberry milkshake colours, I really want to try and get a yellow for banana style. 

Application was pretty easy, though I was a bit messy as I wanted to get this post up so excuse my less than perfect nails in these photos. These Gelly Nail Paints require a base coat and then a layer on top, they apply with a smooth layer and took about 5 minutes to set, bare in mind that the gel seemed to smudge pretty badly until about 20 minutes after application if you applied pressure or scraped it. 

The final result is a smooth, shiny gel nail, less streaky than standard polish and with a salon finish. I am very chuffed with this purchase, other than the time it takes for them to fully dry they're ideal for a professional looking manicure at just £3.99 each, Boots have a 3 for 2 on their cosmetics just now too.


  1. How do you find them? Do you apply a topcoat? I love the gellys but mainly because of the colour and finish but I always find they chip! x

  2. They are gorgeous but they do take a while to set, I didn't apply a topcoat though I'd recommend it to be frank.