Sunday, 4 May 2014


New purse, love foxes.
So, right now I am eating far too much popcorn and chilling after a bath (got to use some of my fancy new LUSH products too). It has been a hectic day, most of it spent at my part time job and after that I went for a run/jog with my sister as we're training for an event later this year. Wanting to unwind I thought I would share my other beauty buys and the like from this week. As you can see above I treated myself to a new purse, I adore foxes and wildlife so this little beauty had to be mine. Purchased from The Indulgence Company it was just under £8 and has loads of room for all the points cards and malarky that I keep in my wallet.

The student night discounts really spoilt me, in Boots I was offered a plethora of free samples from some mid-range brands whilst I tried out new perfumes. I am so stuck in my ways when it comes to perfume, I always go for Vivienne Westwood Sin Garden or Paco Rabanne Black XS, but after 5 years it felt like time to change. I sampled Chanel Mademoiselle which is beautiful but smelt a little mature maybe, I also tried Jimmy Choo, a nice and fruity scent which I loved but the store clerk recommended Si and I was smitten! Si, by Giorgio Armani, is a warm scent which reminds me of Summer sunny days, sweet but not overpowering and suits my needs perfectly.

My go-to moisturiser, Una Brennan Superfacialist Mattifying Moisturiser, sadly ran out this week and in a bid to mix things up more I bought Garnier Moisture Match. So far it has been brilliant, the bottle is the usual squeeze to dispense which makes it easy to use with out waste and germs (not a fan of tubs). The consistency is creamy and it doesn't have a strong fragrance which is a huge selling point when you're using several products on your skin. The price wasn't too bad, £5.99 before student discount and it was on a multi buy offer, though I didn't need more so only bought this (take that impulse to buy things). 

Moisturiser and free samples, also received a Chanel No.5 bottle.
What's your latest buy? Links of haul posts appreciated. 



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