Thursday, 8 May 2014


One of the products I bought whilst at the LUSH event recently was this bath ballistic, May Day. It is designed to look like a little badger face (as much as a bath ballistic can) and the idea is that the proceeds (minus VAT) go to projects protecting badgers from culls. I am not a big activist but this cause seems worthy, it is sad that they are blamed completely for something beyond their control. The fragrance is a strong and like liquorice, I loved the sweetness of it and it filled the bathroom when I dropped it into the running water. When it has dispersed there was a cute little note, 'keep those badgers alive' a lovely reminder of how you've helped the cause in a small way.

This is a new favourite of mine, if you get a chance you should bag yourself one, though I hear they are selling out quickly! To find out more about the cause click - SAVE THE BADGERS