Monday, 26 May 2014


Fresh brew from my Tassimo.

After a stressful few months at University it is almost unreal having a little time to myself so I have been embracing my inner child a little bit. Although nowadays my interests are more in design and learning new things such as web design, it feels important to do things simply for fun. This is where gaming comes in, a child hood hobby of mine was playing the SNES (Super Nintendo) and Mega Drive with my siblings with games like Super Mario and Zelda leaving fond memories. There are so many types of games out there now, some designed to increase your brain activity and some that increase fitness I think gaming has become something for everyone and not just kids and teenage boys. It feels odd to blog about this side of me but I'm sure many other bloggers indulge in gaming too. 

I bought this Nintendo 3DS XL from HMV (£99.00), as they aren't going to be selling them anymore they're going so cheaply. The perks of having the 3DS are brilliant, it has built in mini games that motivate you to go out more. Street Pass has puzzles and little adventure games where in passing other people with a 3DS recruits people to help you. Then there is the Activity Log, a pedometer that tracks your steps and rewards you for doing more, a great way to see how active you really are on the go.

Being able to access YouTube on the go if you're travelling or your phone is out of battery is great, never know when you might want to watch your favourite Vloggers or of course cat videos! The large screen on the 3DS XL lends itself well to this.

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