Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Made a little banner to head my little series on healthy living so if you see this you'll know I'm talking all health and positive changes. Today that change is about my previous post on drinking better. Often brands are considered glamorous or cool, it is how they sell so well, especially when we see our favourite celebrities sipping that sugary pop. In a bid to counter this I've been looking at water bottles, a brilliant alternative to forking out for Evian on a daily basis and adding to the epic recycling issues.

Here are a selection of cuties I found online…

1. Blogilates $16.00 | 2. TK Maxx £7.99 | 3. Paperchase £6.00 | 4. Sports Direct £4.50 |
5. Amazon £8.79 | 6. Amazon £9.81
Do you use a water bottle whilst out and about? Would love some recommendations! I'm particularly fond of the Paperchase one with the little cup section, I'd likely put some snacks in there like fruit or nuts.

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