Monday, 7 July 2014


As part of my attempt to get healthier I'm making little steps to get changes going that will make a difference.

This post is about my break up with fizzy drinks (soda), a massive vice of mine. It has always been a great treat for parties and meals out, that great feeling of taking your first sip of that ice cold refreshing drink is a tough one to beat. Alas it has to come to an end as I find myself having far too many and not drinking half as much water as I should. It is obvious that too much sugar is bad for you, but there are also lots of chemicals in the diet and sugar free versions so water and the occasional sugar free squash for me.

The steps I am taking are to avoid caffeine most of the time so I don't feel urges to grab a can, when I go shopping I try and take a plastic bottle for water as buying bottled water all the time is bad for the environment. Most of these drinks are giving me the munchies so I just have to give them up!

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