Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Tonight I had my first Zumba class. Initially I was very apprehensive as I'd never done it before and arriving at the class it felt like every one knew where to stand and what was to come. I decided to just see where it went from there. The instructor took centre stage at the front after putting on some great Latin music with a mix of current dance and pop songs. There were no instructions, simply follow what she did and to start it was a little intimidating but after the first song I found myself laughing and moving lots with out it feeling like a workout. It most definitely was though, covered in sweat (sorry TMI) and drinking plenty it felt crazy that this was working out so many muscles and yet time was flying and it was amazing fun.

Honestly I can't wait to book my next session which sadly due to popularity won't be for a wee while. This class is free as part of my membership at my gym but you can find classes for 3-8 pounds all around town. I liked it being at the gym though, as it gave me a chance to go in the pool after to cool down and refresh myself. I've had a brilliant work out and so much fun today, I would recommend it to any one that feels working out is something too tough to stick to due to boredom or not wanting to workout in a gym environment.

Unfortunately I feel taking photos would be inappropriate so check out some videos on Youtube if you're curious. I'm sure most folk know what it is all about by now, I'm a bit behind haha.



  1. I've always wanted to take a Zumba class, but there are only so many in Seoul (they're all pretty far from my town). So I follow superherofitnesstv on youtube, if you're interested!

    I feel like Zumba is a great way just for everything you know? To learn dance moves and to lose weight and stuff. I hope you get into another class soon! :D

  2. I's love to try Zumba, sounds like so much fun. xx