Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Spice, sweet, warm.

My weekly candle this week is Yankee Candle's Honey Glow. I've been using Black Cherry for a while now so it feels good to have a change. Honey Glow has a warming scent, with essence of spices and the sweetness of honey. A perfect choice for Autumn, the colour is also good for those with very neutral decor as it is a dark orange/brown colour.

When burning the scent isn't overpowering it just lingers a little, perfect for a relaxing evening and perfect for dinner parties I feel. Would definitely recommend this as something for nights in when it is freezing outside and you want that Summer warmth to remind you of Summer evenings when it is lighter longer and BBQs are all about.

I've added a song that felt right with this candle.

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