Thursday, 21 August 2014


It has been really great adding new things to my weeks with this little 101 in 1001 challenge, today that meant going to the Castle Museum. Norwich has a beautiful castle in its centre, sitting on a hill it is hard to miss. Every few months there are specialist exhibits and this time it was birds. Although I'm not a big fan of taxidermy it is awe inspiring seeing real animals and birds so close up. 

There were drawings, paintings and photos, some of which were abstract and others traditional. I had a go at drawing some of the sculptures and birds that were there then looked around the other exhibits to take pictures. If you ever fancy seeing some wonderful history then the castle is perfect, it is also only about £7 entry for adults and they do free entry for students at our art school. 

There is a section with traditional clothing from different eras too, ideal for any one passionate about fashion. After all Vivienne Westwood is known for taking historical patterns and using her magic on them!

I leave you with these photos of some gorgeous pieces, the final photo is from a wall on my walk home with a rather intriguing quote.

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