Friday, 22 August 2014


H&M Sweaters 14.99 each
It is the most wonderful time of the year for me, when regarding clothes anyway. I love layering using scarfs, boots, belts and hats all at once, just being able to wear enough to make some great textural contrasts makes me so happy. Something my closet definitely lacked in was comfy sweaters, I tend to stick with dark colours like black or deep blues and greens but I was inspired by another blogger to go for more neutral softer shades. I am smitten with pastels and earthy tones, though there really seemed a lack of what I was particularly hunting for in shops. Why is there so much knit with huge heavy bling on it yet nothing plain?

Alas I was elated to find H&M was my saviour. After trying on a pile of jumpers I found these two were my favourites. The colours here aren't great and Photoshop just wouldn't play nicely, the front one is in fact a mushroom brown and the other is a pastel salmon pink. These two particularly caught my eye as they varied in shape, texture and thickness. The pink is short and quite baggy (I got a medium to give me the extra baggy look), this will go perfectly with my rose gold watch and accessories, I think I'll probably wear it with trousers as I fear denim may stain it. The mushroom brown one is longer and slightly fitted, it has a beautiful pattern along the front and down the sleeves and slight slits in the sides for my lady hips. This'll go great with leggings and boots I think, maybe some short shorts.

Another star buy was a little satchel bag, bought from The British Heart Foundation shop. The bag was brand new and only £12.99! I adore the vibrant duck egg turquoise colour with the rose gold unique catch on the front. It has plenty of pockets inside and is perfect for a wee lass like me as it isn't over cumbersome.

BHF £12.99


  1. Why am I going to Australia! I want to layer cute knits with boots for winter! Super cute jumpers and I adore the bag, that colour is just lush 💜

    The Reluctant Wanderlust

  2. Aww Emily, you'll get to wear gorgeous Summer clothes for longer and you've definitely got the figure for it! x