Thursday, 7 August 2014


My new gym has a good array of classes, I've been trying to experiment with a few of them. In a previous post I spoke about my ZUMBA experience which was overall fun and brilliant cardio. Today I tried the BODYPUMP by Les Mills workout class. On arrival I let the trainer know I was new to the workout and he was very helpful, letting me know the equipment I'd need and helped me choose weights for the workouts. Bodypump involves high rep, low weight lifting with barbells and free weights. Although I was a wee bit nervous it was all very straight forward, the trainer would spend 2 minutes explaining good form and then on with the workout. Something I enjoyed quite a bit was the music, it was upbeat and not just chart songs, it really made you smile doing the lifts to the beat and the trainer's enthusiasm was very infectious.

This is great for weights newbies and those that like lifting regularly, it is sociable and fun, I would definitely attend this class again!

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