Friday, 19 September 2014


Today's make up, sorry it isn't very clear took the photo with my Macbook. It was inspired by Laura Shynn's Fall Copper 2014 look. I met up with my friend of many years today, Katie, to give her some books I was clearing out and to catch up over coffee.

I found some adorable cards in an independent store on Upper Goat Lane. I'm smitten with cute cat characters and woodland creature decorative art so I bought these lovely cards which I might keep in some clip frames for now. You can find these on sale at Ella Goodwin's site. We did plenty of window shopping including looking at so many nice pairs of shoes, the brown boots below are from FLY, a gorgeous footwear range that are made from leather and at a high standard of tailoring. The cat pair are by irregular choice, I love their eclectic decor in the store too with a giant tiger head display and loads of faux flower arrangements.

Norwich has some amazing stores, with unique and quite eccentric interiors. I adore The Book Hive, a brilliant treasure hidden not so subtly on London Street. Their window display seems to change on a weekly basis and is full of strange paraphernalia, beautiful books and sometimes elaborate illustrations, like a gallery in its own right. The hanging sculpture below is from the top floor of their store, I recommend highly you visiting them if you are ever in Norwich. Finally the bottom photo is from White Stuff's window, I love their current experimentation of type used in their displays. The type is created in collaboration with Olivia Whitworth.


  1. Such pretty photos, those cards are adorable xx

    Gemma |

  2. @Gemma: Thanks :) I really want to get more of Ella's work :)