Wednesday, 17 September 2014


"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

This time of year there is a flourish of fresh faced students with bags packed with shiny new supplies ready to take on another year of preparing for their futures. For me this will be my final year at my University and that in itself is scary. Fear is mostly that of the unknown, going towards uncertainty. To tackle this I am armed with some shockingly stunning new planners, ones that make my inner creative beam with delight. I recently stumbled upon a store I'd never seen before, Fox & Star, which sells an array of beautiful stationery. They know the current trends for sure with designs from the absolute minimal (think IKEA minimal) to fun handwritten and illustrated cheerful ones.

Little note inside the 2014 Minimal Planner
As you can see from my photographs I opted for the 2014 Minimal Planner S in a pastel pink, which has 12 months of weekly pages and 31 weeks of monthly pages all blank, allowing you to write in your own dates so there is no wastage when purchasing mid-way through the year. I also bought their The Weekly Times desk planner as it will help me make notes whilst I work at home and give me no excuse for forgetting to do work I need to do.

My experience shopping with Fox & Star was amazing. I bought something one afternoon and it was with me the next morning, packaged in a sturdy card parcel. The notebook had a little personalised tag attached to string wrapped around the notebook, it felt like a gift from a friend more than a purchase. I would recommend them to all lovers of note making, list making, washi tape and planning.

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