Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Spice, Sweet Aniseed, Subtle

This week's candle is Ginger Dusk. I always associate ginger with a more beige or orange colour but this candle is more of a cream/off-white. When I opened the packaging there was a strong fragrance that felt really familiar, I believe it was a mixture of standing outside LUSH and that of aniseed sweets from my childhood. Candles certainly wield nostalgia well, I often feel at ease as they bring out happy memories. This candle didn't smell overly of ginger to me, as I said it has a tinge of aniseed and a touch of spice, though it still has that sweetness I'm so fond of. 

I'm not sure if it is because I am using the Samplers votives size but the fragrance when lit is subtle and maybe a little too much so. I am pleased with the burn time of these though as they seem to last me the week as I don't often get a chance to light them. The large Yankee jars seem to last forever so it is nice to try out these little ones to get a taste for your favourites. It feels like different flavours are appropriate to different rooms in the home too so I look forward to checking these posts when I move so I know where to put which ones!

If you have any recommendations, please comment below!

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