Monday, 15 September 2014


There seems to be something strange about posting underwear on my blog but I think it is something that is so important in a ladies wardrobe. After all an outfit with poorly fitting undies can looks horrific! This weekend I treated myself to some new bras as it is time to submit some older ones to the underwear room 101. I'm quite unfortunate in having quite a broad rib cage area of my chest, with a measuring tape it says 36" but whenever I try those on in most high street stores I find they can nip a bit so I tend to go for the 38C over my sometimes 36D. Ann Summers have a wide selection in my size, though very few in the sale rails so my student budget was pleased to see a multi-buy deal. These two lovelies were £30 for 2, an absolute bargain really when in the past I've paid £40+ for one. They had at least a dozen different colour ways or styles in this offer so definitely worth a look if you're wanting to save.

Having more than one style bra is great for varying the way your outfit will look, the red/fuschia bra is underwired but has a beautiful lace fabric with no padding of any sort. I find these types tend to go nicely with an evening dress or a loose shirt. The white one has a removable boost padding, allowing a choice of ways to wear it. Sometimes I find padded is more comfortable to wear and often looks better under t-shirts or casual dresses.

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