Wednesday, 24 September 2014


John Lewis is a store familiar to most folk, a shop perhaps considered relevant to the 30+ market, but with their celebration collection (celebrating 150 years of JL) they've really shown how on trend they are even to the younger home makers. With the blogging era in full swing it has become even more important to have a beautiful home as so many people all over the world may be looking at it. Obviously it is most important to make a home out of your house, John Lewis' products really excel at this with their luxury quality and exquisite design. Right now their window displays are perfect to me, they touch on the stylish 50's and 60's attempts at futurism and also embrace nature with woodland pattern and textures.

The design team clearly have an in-depth understanding of colour trends, mixing warm neutrals with touches of warm yellows and hints of red. Many stores also over look the importance of texture and in each window you see a combination of at least three. I would love to have my own place and some disposable income to invest in their fabulous range of products, alas it shall have to wait.

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