Wednesday, 1 October 2014


So my desk looks a little cluttered right now but it can't be helped when I have my gaming PC at the side. I'm working on making a corner screen/board to hide the unsightly monitor and speakers but for now it has some cute Paperchase paper covering the monitor. As you can see I have my Fox & Star weekly planner in pride of place and my Mac Book Pro which I use mainly for my Graphic Design degree but on occasion blogging too. My intention is to cut down on clutter (though the coffee cup is necessary for concentration of course) and to create a more dynamic pin board for ideas etc.

I recently got this gorgeous duck egg blue lamp too, ideally I wanted a floor standing lamp as I find they take up a fair bit of room but this one is great as it has a pose able stem and a tilting top for optimum lighting. I found it quite funny that it ties in with the Paperchase paper I used on my monitor.

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