Sunday, 12 April 2015


"Cycling Home From Siberia tells the story of Rob’s three-year bicycle ride from northeast Russia back to London, via Papua New Guinea, Tibet and Afghanistan. Along the way he camped at minus forty, was robbed at gunpoint, and hitch-hiked on boats across the sea."

Reading books is something I don't often get around to doing as I feel guilty for not doing work, alas what can be more inspiring than reading! Rob Lilwall's book 'Cycling Home from Siberia' was so captivating it took me barely two days to finish and I struggled to put it down. The quote above from his website here is a great shorthand of what this book encapsulates but without so much of the depth or emotion from the book itself. 

Lilwall endures horrendous temperatures and heated tensions with his co-cyclist as he embarks throughout Siberia and onwards across several countries, with very little former experience on cycling vast distances. His writing style allows you to experience the journey too, reading as if he was telling a friend or someone that may be considering embarking on the adventure themselves. Reading about his strong faith and the kindness of almost strangers definitely made me consider how I treat others and also how genuinely blessed my life is (deep revelations here I know). 

I felt envy as he trekked through Japan, a country that seems to always remain captivating to myself. Lilwall instilled a curiosity in me about places I had never really considered visiting before but now would love to go see, though perhaps not on bike. If you're a keen traveller I think this book would be a real treat for you to enjoy (maybe on a long flight). 

I have his next book 'Walking Home from Mongolia', though I am putting it aside to read something a little different for a bit as I feel if I finish that too I'll be left with no more of his wonderful antics. If you're interested in his books they're very reasonably priced online or are available at Waterstones where I picked up mine.

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