Monday, 13 April 2015


I'm moving soon and with that I'll be in a smaller space so I get to tick off another of my 101 in 1001, buy a new bed. I cheated a little with this as my mum decided she would rather invest in a fairly good one since it'll stay when I leave home when I've got a job after graduating.

I had my eye on a few day beds as they are small but pretty and offer a seating area as well as a place to sleep. There is a fair amount of choice at the moment as I think they're in trend but this particular one is a real stunner. A slight off-white with diamond corner adornments, it is ideal for a feminine abode. 

I love that there is underneath storage space and that the detailing isn't too over the top. Many frames seemed to have big clumps of metal for detailing which definitely didn't fit my tastes. This frame retails at £199.99 without a mattress so it wasn't cheap but I am eager to sleep on a bed that doesn't have dips haha. I've put together a few things I think might complement this, I am fond of rose gold and copper accents, always looking so luxurious and shiny. A neutral palette with mixed texture blankets and cushions would really accentuate the metallic details so I'm hoping I can find some of these to go in the new house.

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