Tuesday, 26 May 2015

.L I F E S T Y L E. | T a y l o r S w i f t & S u p e r m a n

This weekend was so very busy, it feels like I've barely had a chance to sit and think about it.

On Sunday I went to Radio 1's Big Weekend in my home town of Norwich. It was amazing to get to go to a concert not only in my home town but with such a huge line up and all for just the price of postage. Headlining were Taylor Swift & The Foo Fighters, both of which I knew would have amazing stage presence so I made sure to see both. The experience of being in the crowd whilst Taylor sang was intensely fun, every one danced and sang along whilst Taylor strutted around the stage in the most dazzling sequinned playsuit. That woman is just gorgeous and super talented.

A surprisingly great act was George Ezra, despite not being as exciting as Taylor, he had the perfect voice for live performances and I felt entrance during his songs, they were so mellow and soothing. I must admit I've not been to a music event of this scale before (not sure a Morning Musume concert is quite the same though there were as many people) but this was a great way to discover if festivals are good for me, honestly I didn't enjoy the sludgy fields covered in a days worth of empty bottles and some people were a little too drunk and just made it a bit awkward. As for the music you really can't match it.

In contrast on Saturday I had been to the Comicon MCM Expo in London. This happens twice a year and is a collection of stalls and events all relevant to everything comic/geeky related. Ever wanted a giant Alpaca plushy? Desperate for a Hello Kitty balloon ribbon and face paint make over? Love hanging out with people dressed as Superman or Stormtroopers? Then this is the place for you.

I don't believe you'll ever meet such an eclectic selection of people anywhere else and it is super fun. The stalls are full of nostalgic toys and games, cute Japanese inspired t-shirts and apparel, Japanese manga, general comics and there is an artists alley full of mega talented illustrators and budding comic artists.

I go to these events to meet up with old friends from years gone by and also to pick up a few nice pieces for my art collection. the wolf with the crown is a booklet from two super sweet French ladies and it has stunning water colour illustrations, I may post about it more later.

Do you ever go to these events?

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