Tuesday, 14 July 2015

FASHION // Graduation Gift

Last week was my Graduation from my Graphic Design course. Above is me and my friend Holly, it was an awesome day full of happiness for all my friends achieving their Degree and sadness knowing I'll barely get to see them any more. 

I had been eyeing up a few things I'd have liked to treat myself to for finishing. I am a total fangirl of FOSSIL as a brand, their bags are super soft and durable but also tailored beautifully. The smokey blue mini back pack is so cute and versatile, it is similar in style to my black shoulder bag so it was on top of my list to get but I was hesitant because of cost. While I was in London for an interview me and a friend were in the shop in Covent Garden and there it was, on sale and calling out to me and it was the last one!  

The photos don't really do it justice. Now after many years in higher education it feels a little scary as to what is going to happen but I'm excited to move on to new things.


  1. Ah it's gorgeous! The leather looks so soft <3

  2. I really like your bag, especially the baby blue color.
    Love, Julie