Saturday, 31 October 2015

003. Potter-ween

This week I finally got to go to the Harry Potter Studios near London with my boyfriend, as an anniversary gift. I have already been to Alnwick where some of the courtyard and Hogwarts castle scenes were filmed but this was something else. I was so excited to see the costumes and concept art.

The great hall was fantastic, as grand as I imagined and had a table set out with Halloween decorations and food for show. The level of detail in everything was exquisite and the whole time it felt like Harry, Hermione and Ron would just walk through the doors.

I took so many photos I really wasn't sure which to post here but I won't ruin the experience for people that haven't been before but the experience really had everything. Butter beer for drinks, pews for seating, models of the architecture in the movie. The whole tour was part of a package deal by Chennery/Galloway and cost about £70 each including travel and organised tour on arrival.

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