Sunday, 8 November 2015

04. Festive Tradition

I am pretty sure that I'm not alone in the past time of testing out new drinks at the cafes in the Autumn as festive events accumulate but this isn't the only thing that happens like a ritual during this time of year.

Starting your own traditions can be a wonderful thing, whether it is spending your Sunday evenings nestled on the sofa watching dramas in your PJs or making baked goods in the shapes of Christmas trees and snow men. One of the best traditions I've heard of is to create a care package for Christmas eve with slippers, pyjamas, marshmallows and hot chocolate to be enjoyed with family. As corny as it sounds I can't imagine anything nicer than family time in the warmth with good food and cheesy Christmas movies.

This year I want to go the extra mile by making the Winter far more magical by doing all these little things and finding all the small joys of the darker months.

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