Thursday, 15 October 2015

01. WHO I AM

In an effort to get back into blogging I'm doing a 52 week prompt which I can't guarantee will be every week but I'll try. The first is an 'about me' style post which I guess I don't need as I have an about page but here are some facts about me.

1 - I recently graduated with a BA Hons. in Graphic Design. I actually started out wanting to get into Fashion but I decided Fashion is more a hobby interest just now and I felt the industry would be very difficult to get in to. I have found Graphic Design is a tough industry to get into as well, guess that is life!

2 - I lived in Scotland for a few years during my early twenties, I actually love it up there. The weather may be a bit colder but the views in the countryside are amazing and much of the populous are so friendly. I miss being able to get on a train to Edinburgh and be there in less than an hour.

3 - I'm a bit of a cat lady, I tend to stop and pet cats if I see them out in the street. Just can't resist their cute little faces and fluffy ways.

4 - I love nature, going for a wander in the woods or by the river makes me feel so at peace. Can't beat cute woodland creatures too! As many people who know me can attest to, I have many fox/stags/owl decorations in my room.

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