Monday, 30 November 2015

10. Candlelit

Y A N K E E  C A N D L E  S I M P L Y  H O M E

Being such a fan of candles, specifically Yankee Candles, meant I created quite the collection of candles. Some of these were wax melts, unfortunately I had no wax melter despite looking for something neutral to fit in with my home I couldn't find anything which wasn't bright or big. Luckily TESCO had a sale on their Yankee products and this little beauty was right there, with a porcelain texture on the outside and a relief pattern around the sides it is decorate but also subtle. This was £10 and came with 3 melts and a tea light to burn underneath. All three of the melts were festive themed (Winter Berry, Frosted Snow & Christmas Morning) so it feels extra Christmas like now.

You can find one here.


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