Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Journalling | Bullet Journals

One of the things I really want to do is create journals/planners which add to my productivity (especially now embarking into freelancing) but also to jot down everyday events which I might look back on in the future. Since I seem to have difficulty keeping up with blogging sometimes I am trying to commit myself to this by having a beautiful planner (The Hobonichi Techo) and searching the net for inspiration and top tips from frequent users of journals.

I found this brilliant explanation of 'Bullet Journals', a great way to utilise a plain notebook.

The layout is very simplistic once you get your head around it and the indexing is neat for future browsing. I like that there is no pressure to write anything as it isn't printed, you write the dates etc. in yourself. I get the feeling this is a little too liberating for me and would take away my commitment to write daily but it seems ideal for planning. I hope some one might find this interesting regardless.

I'm away to read a bit of Michael Palin's memoirs about his journals during his Monty Python years, bring on some inspiration!


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