Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wishlist | Levi Love List

I am not rich, far from it but I have a crush on Levi products. Their T-shirts are the greatest thing since sliced bread for me, with the perfect soft and light fabric, a fit which really flatters every one and a price which isn't horrendous (especially when I had student discount).

Looking through their website and realising I could hardly afford one, let alone all of the things that I wanted it seemed a great idea to make a little window shopping wish list. These are some of my favourites right now. 

These jeans look so great for relaxing or wandering about town. I've been making plans to visit more places and after going to Berlin I've realised I need some slouchy warm clothes for those adventures.

Shirt dresses are perfect for styling in several ways and this one called out to me. I get the feeling it would be too long on a shorty like me but the classic Levi stitching and the soft Sierra shade makes me wish I had one of these so much.

Skinny jeans might be the in trend still but now I am getting a little older I really love these slim fits. The silhouette looks so flattering and I like the thought of giving my lower leg space to breathe.

Really digging the worn leather lace up boots just now and bets are that these would look great even with age. I loved the fact they were only ankle ones, quite often I find longer ones can be uncomfortable to wear with jeans, especially not skinny jeans. The colour of these is a luscious warm brown which suits my neutral palette of clothing to the tee. 

So those are my top favourites, it might seem indulgent to post them online but hey if ya can't buy them might as well be inspired by them!

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  1. I love the shirt dress. xx


    1. I was gonna say me too but that's pretty obvious right? Haha!