Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wishlist | BLU

B L U  S T U D I O S

I love bespoke products, the feeling of having something rare and beautifully hand crafted is the best feeling when it comes to shopping. I know most people aren't fussed if they can find something cheaper but honestly the quality you get when you buy from a professional tailor is on a different level. It also comes down to us to help promote British companies, the foundations of our economy (sorry if that sounds preachy). 

So as a part of this I thought I'd post a mini wish list feature for a brand from my home City. 

"We are small skilled team manufacturing everything by hand guaranteeing the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship within every item. Our passion is to produce items our customers will adore and cherish for their opulent leathers and individual craftsmanship shunning the norm of mass manufacturing. Making each item truly individual to every customer. " - Blu Studios

The use of metallics and crisp shapes/silhouettes really makes these eye catching and individual, with a couture appearance. I'm looking forward to putting some money aside for one of these gorgeous back packs and fluffy accessories to add to my collection of high end bags. 

You can find them here at Blu Fashion Studios. (Image courtesy of Blu Fashion Studios webpage).


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