Tuesday, 15 December 2015

101 in 1001 Catch-up

It feels pretty surreal knowing that it is only just over a week until Christmas, it seems to take forever to get to this time of year then it flies by in a flash. 2015 has been super productive, so much in that I graduated with my BA Hons., left the United Kingdom for the first time in 2 years and generally smashed through much of my 101 in 1001 list. Here is a summary of what I achieved so far this year from the list.

I moved house so this was an ideal time to post a snippet of my new abode.

It may have felt like an eternity doing this but I finally got it done and did really well too.

Visited the Bridewell and the Castle Museum for University projects, learned so much about my home town.

Amazing book, Cycling Home From Siberia. Reading really helps grow your vocabulary and offers a great mental stimulation.

Was a strange one but I always wanted a day bed and I got a beautiful one.

This was the comedy gig, it was amazing I really loved it.

My new running trainers which are hard to miss with all the bright colours, need to use them more in 2016.

A delightful chip into what it is to be Danish, I adored this insight into a great culture. 

I may have ended walking along the Southbank for two hours but this was a great way to see the big city.

The Design Museum I put into the gallery category as much of the work was new. So much eye candy and innovative design. They had a brilliant exhibition of women's fashion over the past century.

I ended up eating at pretty much all 5 this year including the ramen restaurant Shoryu, absolutely recommend this place.

Took the dive and bought a FOSSIL bag, I don't expect to spend over £100 on a bag every day but this was a great new go-to article in my closet. 
Speaking of closets I gutted much of my closet in an attempt to create a capsule closet. Unfortunately storage is very limited at home so this kinda failed. Maybe try again in 2016.

Radio 1's Big Weekend was intense, Taylor Swift was incredible and I went from not fussed by her to adoring her.

Not sure if this is classed as a museum but it felt like one dedicated to all things HP. Harry Potter Studios was one of my favourite things ever. A wonderful anniversary gift from my super generous boyfriend.

This is looking ahead really but I purchased the Hobonichi Techo 2016, a day to day planner for all my memories next year. I am stoked to start writing!

Me and my sister took an impromptu visit to Berlin for the Christmas Markets, a great way to close the year really.
Other mentionable events which didn't get their own posts (yet?);

Career - Branded my freelance work, applied for jobs in the creative industry, reproduced refined work, photographed my work, made a website, made an online portfolio, cleared out old paperwork.

Travel - Went to the Westfield Centre.

Creative - Knit a scarf, made labels for my storage, organised stationery, organised all loose cables (nightmare).

Shopping - Got cute book ends, bought all Christmas presents before December (99%  at least).

Personal - Finished 4/5 video games, reconnected with old friends, watched another movie in gallery at the cinema, got a new hair style.

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