Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Stationery | LAMY & TOMBOW

When I got my Tombow fountain pen I didn't think it had a cartridge with it so I checked online and found the ones on Amazon had awful reviews but a British website, The Pen Company, had a pack of 6 with very positive feedback. Although the price difference is quite big I wanted to have something which wouldn't mess up my new pen. The postage was free if you spent £10 so I picked a reasonably priced rollerball pen to make it up. 

The LAMY Safari rollerball in Charcoal is slick with the black all over and they even sent the box flat packed so you get to experience the full luxury without it getting crushed. The box seems influenced by architecture with its ribbed cut-outs and as a designer I appreciated this beautiful but non essential aspect. The pen itself is OK but I found it initially was a bit hit and miss when writing, the ink was a tad blotchy but I think this is likely just first time use. Physically it is comfortable to write with and I'm sure I'll get used to it. The ink it came with was blue which isn't ideal for me as I'm fond of consistency, so I will likely refill it with black. 

The service from The Pen Company was exemplary, the items were well packed and arrived swiftly. I'd definitely use them again.


  1. i want to buy a few more beginner fountain pens before i step up to either Lamy or TWSBI. i found out today that i needed to get either an ink cartridge or fountain ink for my Jinhao 599A. the other fountain pens i bought came with cartridge/ink.

    1. I considered getting a cheaper fountain pen to start with but like my Hobonichi I find that if I get something a little higher quality and more expensive I'm more inclined to love it and commit to using it. I hope you'll keep me up to date with what you decide :)

    2. i completely agree: quality over quantity will generally save you money in the long run, more often than not, AND you will tend to value it more; however, my biggest issue, besides beginner ignorance, was Indecision. i actually considered the Lamy Safari, but knowing what i know now, i'd probably would have gotten either the TWSBI Diamond Mini or the Lamy Vista. because i really like clear fountain pens...