Friday, 18 November 2016

2016 Christmas List

As we approach Christmas I've been trying to think of gifts I would love to receive. Although there is no expectation of gifts, no would I feel disappointed if I received something else, I still had something in mind. It seems funny that many of the products I looked at seem to be gold or rose gold.  Everything shown has been added to my Amazon list to make it easy for sharing and so folk don't have to hunt for the gifts.  

I found eat beautiful when looking through food books on Amazon, it looks gorgeous and seems to have satisfying recipes inside to embrace health. 

Loish is an artist I've been following for a good few years, her style has developed and flourished. I've always admired the beautiful brush techniques and her ability to convey moods and atmosphere. I'd love to own her book. 

The pen is a rose gold LAMY LX RAU, this may seem like an odd choice of gift but I love stationery and fountain pens are my favourite pen. The LAMY brand is reliable and well crafted, in a luxurious rose gold they are also reasonably priced. 

The gold PS4 controller is for my console, I already have a black one and a white one but I use the console almost everyday so it feels like an investment. Plus it looks nice!

Lastly is Vikings Season 4 part one on Blu-Ray and Versailles: A Biography of a Palace. Books and DVDS have long been a staple if Christmas lists and these are just two historical (albeit not always true to history) stories that intrigue me.

There are other ones I'm interested in but mostly I want to have a relaxing time at home with family enjoying good food and cheesy Christmas TV and songs.

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