Sunday, 13 November 2016

NEXT Decor Christmas Edition

NEXT have such a lovely home collection and when visiting yesterday I realised that I wanted so much of it. As I have not got space for it all yet I thought photos would ease the fact I can't just buy it.

I love the geometric shapes with the Moroccan feel cushions and in a neutral grey/silver they add a more stylish aesthetic. These cushions would go so well with my throws and cushions I already own.

Generally I'm not big on signs with writing as so often they look tacky and lack a delicate eye for typography. On the contrary to that I found several items with beautiful type. The homely wooden plaque has a cute woodland lodge feel. I have so many woodland and lodge style decor items I think this would fit perfectly in my home.

The red candle with an intricate filigree finish is very inviting, it would likely look beautiful with light shining through as the candle burns down.

I am quite the cat lady and as naff as it may seem I do love these little hanging signs saying 'A house is not a home without a cat'.

I'm excited to have a place to put so many nice things.

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