Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn Shopping Silver

Now that Autumn is upon us you will notice I have done a good bit of shopping. What I tend to do is when my Student Loan comes through I buy a good Winter coat, some fresh skincare and a few things that will last me all year at University. I also use the wages from my job to go towards these so I can use most of my loan on Uni supplies (already spent over £100 on presentation cases and materials for classes argh!). Thought I'd explain that so you know I don't just go crazy with my SL. 

So I saw this coat in Debenhams Oasis and tried it on, loved it too much not to buy it. It fits like a glove, just such a perfect shape for a shorty like me with a small waist but big hips and chest. The inside is quilted and the outside is a shiny rainproof fabric.

Being a cliché student I went and bought this NUCA hoodie from the Uni shop. I love my University and feel proud to go there. This is in the largest size so I can wear it as a dress top with leggings and shorts, it looks so cute on. 

Another Debenhams purchase, this is from Henry Holland and was in the sale. I am a self-confessed cat lady so this leopard print had me captivated.

Maroon and red seem the colours to brighten and warm up during the Winter, this British Fox canvas bag is from Dorothy Perkins. The thick ribbed tights are from Primark, as are the skinny jeans.

I hope my shopping haul post didn't bore you all! 

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  1. I've gone crazy with my student discount and already spent a small fortune in Topshop. I think i have a problem. haha

  2. Bahahah Emmie you are just like me XD I love Student Discount!