Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Floral, Sweet Candy, Subtle

One of my all time favourite scents in candles is Yankee Candle's Pink Sands. The fragrance is fairly subtle from this candle, a strong contrast from Honey Glow which I mentioned last week. This is more of a fresh smell that clears the head and is great for when you're wanting to think clearly or just relaxing. It smells of fresh roses, candies and a little of talcum powder in my opinion which may sound odd but it has a wonderful nostalgia to my mums make up box & drawers when I was little where she would keep perfumes and talc.

The baby pink colour is perfect for fans of all things feminine but isn't so girly that you'd not want it in your lounge shared with a male counterpart. I feel this would be wonderful in a little jar with a ribbon around as a gift for mothers day or for valentines.

You can find these in House of Fraser, Clinton's Cards and of course Yankee stores.


  1. That candle holder is so adorable! Where is it from?!