Saturday, 30 August 2014


A life without travel seems a little empty, I enjoy seeing new places and venturing out to beautiful parts of Europe seems only right being part of the continent, if only in name as the UK always feels so far from mainland Europe. I think places with languages that aren't English are intriguing, with varied cultures, I only hope I can afford some day to travel to these beautiful places.

Finland, Helsinki
Not only does it have a stunning Cathedral I have heard great things about the shopping and restaurants. A few bloggers I follow are native to Finland and they always have such beautiful photos of their homeland it feels a little irresistible. I would not restrict myself to Helsinki if I were to visit Finland though, I would love to see some of the beautiful scenic land.

Czech Republic, Prague
A long time wish of mine has been to visit Prague, the architecture and the deep history draw me in. A beautiful city, so different from our British cities. I feel it would be very relaxing and I have a soft spot for riverside views.

Sweden, Stockholm
Whenever I see pictures of Scandinavia I often think of Stockholm as a starting point, some where I can relax but also enjoy great nights out. I have heard amazing things of the night life. The architecture and art scene would be glorious to see for sure and I am always eager to experience the food of new places.


  1. Save up and go! Haha you know I am a huge advocate of travelling and heck if maybe one day we get to go on an adventure together that would be awesome.

    Travel doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg but would probably go to Sweden and Finland when you have some savings as they are not the cheapest places to visit.

    Good dream to have, can't wait to see you put it into reality xx

    The Reluctant Wanderlust

  2. Thanks Emily, I must admit I am so excited to see what you get up to on your travels! These are definitely dreams for when I have more income but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed I can do them.

    x Claire