Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Thick Zara Knit Sweater £3 | Dark Grey Cowl Neck Top £1 | Lace Sleeve Zara Knit £2

Keeping up with my post before about Winter wear, another avenue for brilliant bargains, I mean insanely good bargains is the humble car boot sale. I rarely have Sundays to myself due to work, this week though me and my sister went to one of the local car boot sales. It is quite the mixture of hit and miss at these events, sometimes there are multitudes of what I consider junk on stands but someone's junk may be another persons treasure. If you're wanting to have a movie night there are tons of DVDs for as little as 20p, or a costume party you can find cheap costumes and clothes to modify. Personally I look for video games and great quality pieces of clothing. All of the above are in like new condition and I'll leave a little tip for thrifty buyers - don't always grab something straight away. The thick Zara knit was £6 at first, I went away for a short bit to think about it and when I returned the lass had reduced all the items to £3! Obviously you can lose out sometimes with this so it is risky but if it saves you 50% that's brilliant.

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