Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Although I have been quiet on the blog life has been anything but quiet. At the start of December I had the delight of seeing my long time friend, Laura, in London as she is off on a great adventure. I knew her from my 3 years in Scotland and sadly life often gets way too busy to visit often so this was a real treat.

After a little browsing around Oxford Street and a coffee together we went to Anselm Kiefer's exhibit at The Royal Academy of Arts. The courtyard of the Academy had a giant installation of rusted boats in a glass case, misted over by the Winter's frost and with German scripture inside it was a very moving piece filled with atmosphere.
Upon entering the lobby there were even more impressive displays, one of which is above. These massive sculptures and like sized mixed-media paintings covered walls and giant boards, imposing great emotion on anyone looking at them. I don't think any words could express the intensity of Kiefer's art, it is impressive, melancholy and curious.
Unfortunately the exhibition is no longer available at the RA but should you get the chance I highly recommend you visit. Thanks to Laura for a wonderful day and these lovely photographs of our day out.

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