Monday, 27 April 2015


Recently I came upon a Podcast (The Lively Show) and was listening to an interview with Caroline, the owner of minimalist fashion blog Unfancy. I'd not heard of her blog before but was intrigued and excited by what she had to say. The basic premise of her blog was to create a place to share her adventures in creating minimalist seasonal wardrobes with a maximum of 37 pieces of clothing, excluding accessories and occasion evening wear.

Caroline speaks of making decisions with intention and not being super impulsive which speaks to me regarding many aspects of life. With having only those 37 items she doesn't buy anything for 3 months, ensuring she will have not increased the amount of clothes to too many and also offering extra funds for when she does go shopping at the end.

Now I am somewhat of a clothing hoarder in that once I buy a piece of clothing if I like it I'll keep it for far too long, for example a dress I've had since 2005 and worn only a handful of times. I need to break this cycle as I am moving house and it is unearthing my monumental pile of clothes. The new closet I'll have is not nearly as spacious and so will only hold so much. Another problem is I'll often forget I have a garment as it is hidden between or under other clothes.

The Capsule Closet seems an ideal solution, though as Caroline explains it doesn't have to be 37 pieces and mine likely won't. My hope is that I will have a maximum of five of each garment, for example t-shirts or jeans and so on. This may sound like lots of rules but honestly it is just what I need to curb spending to save for the future and to give myself a closet of clothes that will all be used to their fullest potential. A big part of this will be understanding my style, something I'm not 100% sure about just yet.

I've filled in her worksheets in the hope of finding out exactly what my style is, for now I know that I adore basics (plain white tee, black jeans, fitted blazer) so these are the staples I'll be sticking with and use accessories to add character. I'm also avoiding buying cheap clothes because they're cheap and sticking with best quality items that may cost a little more but I am sure will last longer. Part of the premise of the Capsule Closet is to store away garments which don't fit the season to ensure your closet is not packed with things you aren't using for months. This is one of my favourite parts as generally I have Summer dresses packed onto hangers next to thick sweaters, though in England that isn't always a bad thing.

Fingers crossed this will work out, for now I've been filling bags for Charity/Thrift stores and giving to friends if they like them. Let the challenge begin!

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