Tuesday, 5 May 2015


This Bank holiday Monday I decided it was too beautiful of a day to sit inside. Rather than head to town where it would be full of shoppers I walked to the station and caught a train to Berney Arms, a rural stop in Norfolk so I could walk to Great Yarmouth from there. I'd never done this walk before, but it seemed an easy one to do solo and a chance for delightful fresh air and great views. It is surprising how soothing it is just to be outside in the sun surrounded by wildlife and the stretches of countryside.

At times it was a bit breezy as you can probably tell from the photo of me here, alas that is the coast for you! If you need something free and therapeutic to do alone or with loved ones, walking is an ideal solution. I'm fortunate I live in Norfolk, quite a rural area with plenty of trails to follow but it is easy to check them out routes near you online, many train stations have maps too. I walked about 10 miles yesterday and feel I got a great work out from this mentally and physically, I got to see lots of cute dogs and birds too.

I'd recommend investing in comfortable shoes, sun cream and wearing some leg covering like jeans or leggings to protect from long grass. It is also a good idea to take some snacks and a good size bottle of water.

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