Thursday, 7 May 2015

With all the buzzing about getting ready to move I've been keeping an eye out for some decor inspiration. I'm graduating this Summer and hope I'll be moving out of this new home and into one with my boyfriend. Something I love personally is to see others ideas for a beautiful house so here is my little two cents of a beautiful place. I definitely want something neutral and serene with a sharp injection of colour.

Scandinavian design is so homely but sophisticated too. Personally I like a mixture of classic faux fur and warm browns or greys alongside mid-twentieth century furniture. Natural wood in abstract simplistic shapes, much like the chair these throws are laid on.

The 1950's in English interiors are another delight well worth delving into, with duck egg and other beautiful warm pastel shades to add femininity and a place of complete relaxation. To add a modern feel you can't go wrong with copper accents, a massive trend right now.

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The best part of these simple palettes is the variety of accessories that will fit into them, mixing geometric patterns with classic illustrations in ornate frames or some bold typographical motivation posters. My design heart is a-flutter (if that is a thing?).

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