Saturday, 25 April 2015


Had a bit of a lovely day. Spent yesterday evening and today with my boyfriend, with our usual weekend jaunts. I work Sundays and he works evenings which means we tend to only have one night a week with each other. Today he treated me to a meal at Wagamama's in Norwich. It was so delicious, though I am eating super healthy at the moment so this was a little off plan but I always forget just how tasty their food is. I highly recommend the Teriyaki Chicken Donburi which has shredded chicken, carrots, onions, greens, rice and teriyaki sauce on a bed of sticky rice. It comes with Kimchi but I'm not a fan of the saltiness of it so that was left aside ;).

We bumbled around and I saw so many awesome bargains, especially in perfume stores and House of Fraser's clothing section. I dunno if it is because it is nearly Summer and every one is wanting to smell nice heh but it is definitely worth checking out the sales on the perfume counters.

It is a delight to see so many pretty pastel bags around this season, plenty of cute new styles too! I am steering clear of spending on bags unless it is a backpack for Uni after my splurge on the Fossil one. I did however grab a copy of the first two Poldark books from WHSmiths for buy one get one half price, great way to get started on reading them as I love the TV series and I'm so picky when it comes to choosing what I read.

Do you have any books to recommend that you've read recently? Would love some ideas in the comments!

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