Monday, 20 April 2015


One of my greatest desires for a while, albeit it is a little sad, has been a black bag. Not just any bag but a bag that can stand frequent use. Black to preserve its colour as pastel and other light colours stain when worn with jeans, which I more often than not do and leather as it is durable.

I had intended to save for this day but I was caught off guard by how ideal this little bag is. The size is big enough to carry every day necessities but also not overly large to become cumbersome. The brand is Fossil, which I know consistently deliver high quality products. I already own a handful of their jewellery, a purse, watch and small bag.

Entering the store is always a great experience, the staff are welcoming and helpful but don't push you to buy anything. Everything is displayed with such care I almost didn't want to pick anything up for fear of ruining it but the staff let me know you can try on any jewellery and if you buy anything you get a fresh product, not one from their displays. The lady that served me was a sweet French lady in the Oxford Street branch, we had a lovely chat about their products and she told me how this particular bag had been out of stock for a few weeks prior so it was a strike of luck to get this so easily.

The zips are a beautiful gold/bronze colour, the zip underneath opens to allow the bag to expand and there is a zip on the reverse for safe items. The front zip is actually an opening for a large pocket with which the flap of leather over the top becoming part of the pocket.

I'm pleased to have such a versatile bag, it adjusts at the strap and I'm certain it will go with almost any outfit and work for evening or out and about in the day. If you've ever tried Fossil's products I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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