Sunday, 19 April 2015


For a wee while I have thought about venturing down to London, our Capital city, to enjoy the Art, Culture and cuisine. I took an early train, armed with; my map (only £2 from The Works), some travel snacks, my trusty camera and an eagerness to experience bustling London.

The train ride gave me ample time to get through 'How to be Danish', a brilliant book (one of my 101 in 1001) about Patrick Kingsley's experiences with Danish folk and much of their countries cultural attributes. It's a pretty short book but really gives you a sense of the calm, friendly and (for many) cyclist enthusiastic Danes.

I'm a fan of the stunning mixture of architecture to be found in London. The contrast going along the street below, with the immense glass structure of the shard facing the Tower Bridge, it is difficult to believe these two majestic giants exist so close together. It reminds me of Tokyo, where you'd see tiny old shrines the size of a shed stood proudly between two massive skyscrapers.

My University course is design based so it felt ideal to visit the Design Museum. I found myself sat on a bench outside the Museum, enjoying a Starbucks coffee and watching the world drift by, the sun making the Thames sparkle, it was such a lovely break from packed tube trains and the mad crowds of the shops. The Design Museum has an exhibition about Women in Power, showcasing photographs and clothing of women that have influenced the world. I was particularly fond of the Chanel suit and Skin's (of Skunk Anansie fame) outfits which had shoulder pads with immense layering.

I had the chance to meet with a friend for lunch at the new Shoryu Ramen restaurant, located behind Liverpool Street Station. We had a little difficulty finding it but it was so worth it, I had an awesome Garlic ramen dish and a bun with prawns and they were so delicious I would eat there every day if I could! After dinner we went to Liberty's to check out the cosmetic counters and I picked up a few things which I'll put in a later post, it is amazing in there, every time I go it feels like an other worldly experience. I sound like a crazy lady haha but seriously I adore all the beautiful prints and the luxurious displays of fine leather bags and sparkling jewellery.

I leave you with photos of my day, none of me because, well why would I haha I'll probably put my outfit and some Instagram shots in the purchases post.

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