Sunday, 13 December 2015

Aus Berlin!

Last weekend I spent in Berlin to enjoy the Christmas markets with my sister. It was a magical feeling to be around the markets full of light and festive decor. I'd not been to Germany in almost a decade so this was a great chance to be around the language I'd spent many years at school learning. Berlin does have a very surreal feel of home, all the people in stores seemed more than happy to use English and the service was lovely in most stores.

The markets had so many decorations and hot drinks mixed with alcohol (Baileys etc.) and food which most definitely wouldn't be accepted on any diet. We had Nutella crepes and mingled in to the crowds, looking at the beautiful wood cut decorations and sweet treats aimed at children.

Most of the visit was spent in shopping malls, getting to try new stores like Gina Tricot and Bershka. I didn't spend lavishly although I did get a new coat, a parka which appear to be super popular in Europe just now.

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